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If you are looking to use energy effiicent lighting in a large commercial or industrial building then Green Business Light can provide you with invaluable guidance & assistance.
Please send an email to, providing us with a date & time to contact you and a brief overview of how you would like us to help.

Discussion of your lighting project...
Why talk to us?
The proposal - Green Business Light received a request to call a manufacturer of flat pack furniture who occupied a large factory & workshop in the North West of the UK.
What we did - In the course of the telephone call we provided an unbiased overview of the energy efficient lighting solutions that were suitable, detailing the pros and cons of each. During the discussion, we established that in one area a big onsite health & safety concern was the risk of fire from airbourne paper dust and wood particles. As a result, we recommended a high bay lighting fixture where the lamps would operate much cooler than the existing HID metal halide fixtures.
The outcome - Green Business Light was instructed by the business to arrange onsite demonstrations of the proposed light fixtures. Following a trial period in a test area of the building, the new lighting was installed and projected to reduce energy consumption by 52% with a payback of around 22 months.

Green Business Light is independent and does not promote any single lighting technology or solution - from experience we understand that the best solution will depend entirely on th priorities of the lighting end user.
When we talk to you we would like to find out about:
  • Your required energy reduction & return-on-investment - new commercial lighting technologies can save up to 80% energy compared to outdated light fixtures. Do you want to know where these savings come from? and what would be the likely payback times for any project you would carry out?
  • Any confusion about lighting technologies - have you been told something by a lighting supplier that seems to good to be true? We can help you separate fact from fiction
  • The actual motivation for your project - is your project a pure financial decision? - maybe there are other considrations such as having to meet carbon reduction targets or wanting a visual "project" for customers, supply chains etc.
  • Operational issues with existing lighting - there may be many factors that are unique to your site e.g. - occasional power cuts meaning lights are turned off for minutes at a time, regular tripping of lighting circuits due to excessive load, buildings overheating in summertime etc...
  • How our project services could help you - we can arrange lighting surveys, quotations, onsite demonstrations, Carbon Trust loan applications etc.
Knowing about these factors will allow us to help you establish the right lighting solution for your own needs.

What do you want to do?
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