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Who are you? - energy or environment manager

As an environmental/energy manager of a business with large commercial/industrial buildings, you will be aware of the challenges of securing investment & support for sustainable or energy efficiency projects.
Working with Green Business Light to replace outdated high/low bay lighting is a business project that can deliver guaranteed significant energy, carbon & financial savings with complete payback in under 2 - 3 years. The full benefits of our services for energy & environmental managers are detailed below.

How Green Business Light can assist you...
Further options
We can help your business install the latest energy efficient lighting solutions which will:
  • Make significant savings - reduce the energy consumption & carbon emissions of existing lighting by up to 80%
  • Quick payback - Get a complete return on investment in less than 2 years
  • Business regulation - Ensure compliance with business environmental regulations & standards (e.g. - ISO 14001)
  • Kick-start a wider carbon reduction plan - Take a convincing first step as part of a larger business energy efficiency initiative or environmental strategy
  • Become part of a sustainable business supply chain - Meet your business customer/supply chain sustainability demands
  • Exhibition carbon reduction project - The installation of new energy efficient lighting provides a very "visual" demonstration of a carbon reduction project which your business is undertaking

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